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We see them--THEY MATTER!
Feeding people because they matter

Just because... YOU Matter! ℠ Bag Initiative

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A good day for Linda (and me)

From Strand of Three’s beginning,  the purpose of the Just because…YOU Matter! bags has been to glorify God by letting people know in a tangible way that He loves them and cares for their needs.  Because most of the bags are given out by our partner organizations and schools,  we don’t often get the opportunityRead more

Thank You note

“Thank you” Notes

In the first four months of 2014, Strand of Three has provided 490 Just because…YOU Matter! bags to our partner schools and organizations to distribute to homeless and food insecure children and adults who they have access to on a daily basis.  This is enough food to feed 1,470 people for 3 days.  Here’s whatRead more

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It’s in our schools.  It’s in our neighborhoods.  It’s in our streets.  It knows no boundaries.  It’s everywhere.  Hunger.  As one hard-working  Just because…YOU Matter!  bag  recipient put it, “I had to choose between paying my utility bills or feeding my family.  You shouldn’t have to make that choice living in America.”  Sadly, many parents areRead more

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